Rink Availability

Welcome to Suttons Bowling Club
On-Line Booking Facility

Please check the Rink Availability below
prior to requesting a rink.
All booking requests are restricted to members of
Suttons Bowls Club.
Requests for roll ups can only be made
upto 2 weeks in advance.
Only requests for rinks for county competitions can be made
upto 5 weeks in advance.

Rink Availability

1.         National & County Competitions with play on dates.
2.         National & County Competitions with play by dates.
3.         Rearranged Inter-club Matches, League or otherwise.
4.         Club and external Open Competition rounds.
5.         Roll-ups.

Once time and date are chosen
please click on the link below to request a rink.
Should you need to cancel a rink please use the same form.

Rink Booking Request

County Competition Rink Booking Request

Bookings will be processed in chronological order.
Only one request per booking.
Please adhere to the time slots as shown on the sheet.
You maybe restricted to playing three times a week.
Should you be playing with other member(s)
you must provide their name(s).
The ‘Rink Availability’ sheet will be updated twice a day
and therefore will not be in real-time.

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