Monday Nights

During the close season (November to April) we play Short Mat Bowls in the clubhouse on a Monday evening.

During the open season (April to September) we run the Monday Night Club. It is a club event for both new and experienced bowlers.
Its aim is to:

  • help new bowlers settle in to the club;
  • provide coaching to new members to help them achieve a suitable bowling standard and allow them to confidently join in the club friendly games;
  • give all bowlers a fun social bowling evening combined with a competitive element which results in the yearly Monday Night Club Trophy.

The format for each event changes each week depending on the number of bowlers turning up. We aim for people to arrive around 6-6:15pm to allow for an assessment of numbers, who is attending and what coaching and games need to be planned, for example, rinks and triples or a combination of both. Late-comers can always be accommodated.

Early in the season we tend to pick the teams playing against each other depending on their strengths, but as the new bowlers settle down and become more confident we introduce a random element to the evening by each player picking a rink and team (red or black) from upturned number cards. Teams then generally agree amongst themselves on playing positions and fill in the club scorecard with names and keep the score as play progresses. We generally finish after 15 ends or about 8:30pm depending on players enthusiasm. (Don’t forget to let the organiser have your scorecard back as all scores are used towards determining the overall Monday Night winner!)

Coaching is always on hand to help with games and understanding the rules. If the weather precludes outdoor bowling then we revert to indoor coaching where we will help you to come to grips with the rules of bowling, including how to measure, reading the head, filling in a scorecard, understanding the equipment and how it is used and most importantly bowling and green etiquette. Each new bowling member will receive a copy of our “Introduction to Team Play” which will often help you get to sleep in the winter months!

We generally finish the Monday Night programme in early September with a buffet meal after the last night’s bowling followed by announcement of the Monday Night winner and runner-up. The trophies are presented at the Presentation Dinner in December.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Introduction to Team Play

A Beginners Guide

Glossary of Bowls Terms

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